20 February 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Hunter

 Despite numerous appearances by look-alikes and other Phantom Zoners, this was the first true animated appearance of General Zod. Although clean shaven, Zod's heart was still impure as he sent an armored hunter to destroy the son of Jor-El. And believe it or not, he succeeded and Superman died. The Hunter became nearly invulnerable after absorbing the properties of diamonds and kryptonite proving too much of a match for the Man of Steel... or did he?

If we learned anything from Superman's "meditation" technique in Super Friends, we should have predicted another trick. And what would you know, Supes dusted off that old chestnut for another simulated death.

In spite of the rehash, this was pretty enjoyable, mostly in part to the Hunters various absorbed power sets. Zod on the other hand was disappointingly pretty useless.

Episode Count: 0516
Series Count: (13 of 26)
First Appearance: General Zod, Faora

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