24 February 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Superman and Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time

Count this as a very rare guest appearance by Wonder Woman and for what it was, this was a halfway decent episode - though only halfway. Wonder Woman actually got a pretty good spotlight here as the evil Sirena wrecked havoc on the Island of Themyscira, turning the Amazons into imps and unleashing cyclops, a minotaur and her own special breed of imp to help release "evil power."

Lucky for Double Dubs, even though Superman was the one that (inadvertently) freed Sirena, he was also free to help recapture the sorceress before fading from existence.The inclusion of Wonder Woman truly was the highlight, perhaps making this the must watch of the series... though we still have a few to go.

Episode Count: 0518
Series Count: (15 of 26)

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