24 March 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Experiment in Terror

After Swamp Thing got the whole Han Solo treatment being frozen in a block, he was hauled away for experimentation. And since its been 5 episodes, it was apparently time to retell Swampy's origin.  The strange thing is that even though some of the animation was recycled from episode 1, most of it was redone from a slightly different angle... which really makes you wonder why they would revisit this origin so soon. To save money would have been my initial thought, but apparently they just really loved the story. 

Anyways, once again the Un-Men failed to catch Swamp Thing so they were super mutated as if we hadn't see that gag in every episode already. City smog and a street drain on the other hand nearly proved too much for the big greeny turning him into a poo-pile. A little clean water and he became basically invincible making short work of the mutated Un-Men.

Episode Count: 0534
Series Count: (5 of 5)

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