21 April 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - I've Got Batman in My Basement

This episode has the notoriety of being labeled the worst episode of the series. Is that a fair accusation? I would say its mostly true, though unfortunately there are a couple of other contenders. Even though Batman: The Animated Series hit a lot of home runs, it also had a few strike outs. And what better villain to strike out first than the fine feathered fiend, the Penguin.

Now I have made no secret of my disdain for the Penguin.and this episode sums up my reasons. Trick umbrellas and attack birds are just lame. As far as Pengy Poo's design, I think it was pretty much dictated by Batman Returns, but still, the episode did very little with his grotesque appearance... and yet even with his lack of any physical prowess, he nearly got the best of Batman who spend the bulk of the episode moaning and sleeping. Double lame! And the heroes of the story, stupid incompetent kids. TRIPLE LAME!!! I am not sure why this one got made, but it really is a shame that a villain as well known and apparently beloved as the Penguin didn't get a much needed reinvention.

Episode Count: 0551
Series Count: (17 of 81)

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