23 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Heart of Steel

Although HARDAC was an unlikely villain for a two-parter, this story turned out to be a real treat with a slow build up of mystery leading to an action packed finale.This  may not be one of the first episodes people think of when they think of BTAS, but its a perfect example of why the series is so well remembered.

The retro-futuristic designs found in the series were exemplified by the 2001 HAL inspired presence of HARDAC. Once again, it was proven that red circles can be quite menacing. One of the other perks of the robotic villains was that it allowed the gloves to come off as far as series action was concerned. Bullock got electrocuted, Gordon grenaded, and the female assistant crushed by an elevator. Apparently, robots don't have representation on the censor board.

Another great element that was enhanced by the extended run time was the introduction of future Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. The spunky Babs didn't need a costume to be heroic and she was one of the best parts of this classic episode. Even the semi-creepy future bat-romance got a little tease. Can't wait for Batgirl's formal introduction. Overall, this may not be a top 10 episode, but its definitely not one to skip either.

Episode Count: 0570
Series Count: (36 of 81)

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