28 May 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - His Silicon Soul

 I have finally cracked open the third volume of BTAS DVDs for this viewing and am quite excited about many of the great episodes yet to come. His Silicon Soul is a great follow up to the Heart of Steel episodes featuring the return of HARDAC. I also feel this episode benefits from being watched soon after the previous HARDAC outing. While it may not be quite as substantive as the 2-parter was and it is a slight retread, but its still a highly enjoyable action packed episode. 

Of course, whenever there is a rob-villain, punches will not be pulled and duplicant Batman certainly got his chance to take some beatings while doing his best Terminator impression. I admit, I had forgotten about this episode, but it was a lot of fun and it seems we are on another roll of solid adventures. Lets keep it going...

Episode Count: 0573
Series Count: (39 of 81)

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