17 June 2014

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Till Doom Do Us Part

In 2005, Duck Dodgers returned to the world of DC (after the brilliant Green Loontern in 2003), this time paying homage to the Legion of Doom. Dodgers himself dreamed of himself donning a Superman-esque costume reminiscent of that worn years decades earlier in the Looney Tunes episode Stupor Duck - only the 'S' had been upgraded to a 'D.' 

The adventure itself did not feature any actual DC characters, but the evil Roboto summoned together a horde of "13 of the most sinister villains" of Dodger's to form the fearsome Legion of Duck Doom. 

Black Eel, nemesis of Sea-Man was one of my favorites owing in part his bubbly voice which channeled Black Manta. In all, a fun episode.

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