30 June 2009

The Dark Knight Remains the Champ of BO

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opened last week and made a serious run for the biggest 5-day opening record currently held by The Dark Knight. When the dust settled, the giant robots mustered $200.1 million, just shy of Batman's $203.8 million record (in actuality, the film earned something like $198.3 million, but the studio fudged their numbers to make it look like they eked out $200 mil, oh the games they play with numbers) . The weekend take included a $60.6 million opening day, also falling short of The Dark Knight's $67 million record. Considering the great buzz built up by Batman and the toxic reviews for Transformers, it seems like TF2 is likely to fall short of last years biggest film total as well. Though the $400+ million the movie does take in will probably be plenty to make all involved quite happy. Perhaps the Man of Iron will give The Dark Knight's opening a run for its money come 2010.

Meanwhile, Wolverine has reached a nearly $178 million cume, good enough for 6th place for the year so far. The total looks like it will also be enough to hold off Night at the Museum 2, giving the X-Man Fox's biggest hit of the summer - a fact that may help to green light future X-Films for the struggling studio.

In non-heroic box office news, Up hit $250 million and wrangled the #1 spot away from Star Trek (currently at $246 million), which it will hold for a couple of days until it inevitably gets eclipsed by Transformers. Up will wind up as the #2 biggest Pixar film to date and looks to land somewhere around $290 million.

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