24 June 2009

My Super Ex-Girldfriend (2006) - Film Capsule

Heroes: Jenny Johnson AKA G-Girl

Villains: Bedlam

Diabolical Scheme: The villain, Barry EDward LAMbert aka Bedlam, just wants to get back at the girl who broke his heart back in high school. The only "bad" thing he did during the movie was dangle her current boyfriend from the Statue of Liberty in a savable state.

Coolest Moment(s): Not sure cool is the right word, but it was entertaining. Besides, I never done seen an indoor shark attack before:

Worst Moment: Super bed breaking and wall shattering "love-making." Fortunately we got two such scenes. But now that I think of it, the flying while doin' it scene may have been worse.

Comic Book Logic
: If touching a meteor gives super powers, why does touching it again take the powers away, and touching it a third time restore the powers? Is it one of those freaking touch lamps? And why is altered hair color a super power?

Opening Weekend: $8,603,460

Total Domestic Box Office: $22,530,295

Review in 50 Words or Less: Does the idea of a clingy girl using super powers to get back at her ex-boyfriend sound awesome? No!? What if she threw a CGI shark at him? Interested yet? What if that was the best part of the movie? Yikes. Maybe The Spirit wasn't so bad after all.

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