05 June 2009

Spotlight on Bat-Mite

Bat-Mite first appeared in the pages of Detective Comics in 1959 as the Batman writers answer to Superman's pesky villain Mister Mxyzptlk. Bat-Mite isn't a real enemy of Batman, he is more of an overzealous fan of the Dark Knight. The imp from the fifth dimensions appears to have near limitless magical abilities which he uses to see his idol in action.

Bat-Mite was a regular in the 1977 series The New Adventures of Batman He tried to help Batman, but usually ended up making things more complicated at which time his whiny catchphrase, "All I wanna do is help!" would be uttered.

Some postulate that this incarnation of the Mite was the inspiration for Orko in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Bat-Mite next appeared as a cameo in the 1994 episode of Batman: The Animated Series, "Deep Freeze" as an annoying toy.

Though the mighty Mite himself did not appear in the Teen Titans series, he was a clear inspiration for "Robin's biggest fan"Nosyarg Kcid" who appeared in the 2004 episode "Fractured."

Most recently, the Dark-Mite returned in 2009's "Legends of the Dark-Mite," an episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

The episode played homage to Batman's rich history even including some meta-discussion involving a comic con parody discussing the appropriateness of Batman fighting Easter Bunnies.

Whether we like him or not, Bat-Mite is part of Batman's history, and has been around for 60 years. It doesn't look like he is going away anytime soon. Hopefully we will just be treated to small doses of the imp rather that recurring guest status. And hopefully, he wont be crashing into the live-action continuity any time soon.

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