27 July 2009

Planet Hulk Trailer Smash

UPDATE: Thor: Tales of Asgard has been delayed until 2011 to milk coincide with the live action film. So Marvel has dropped their animated releases to just 1 per year. It was pretty obvious that something was up, I guess this explains it. Once again I say, "Make Mine DC."

Although there is supposedly a Thor Direct to Video movie coming out in September, Comic Con instead favored us with a look at next February's Planet Hulk animated feature - which will place the character in 5 of Marvel's 8 animated features thus far. Can you say overexposure? Although I must say his last outing in Hulk VS was probably my favorite of their crop. I am just a little confused. I mean, I get that DC puts Batman and Superman out there a lot. But I just don't think Thor (also appearing in 5 of 8 movies) or Hulk has the same appeal. And where is Spider-Man in all of this? He hasn't been in a single movie and Wolverine (Marvels other golden boy) has only been in one! Anyways, sorry for the rant, but I think Marvel's line is fizzling out.

Perhaps adapting Planet Hulk from the popular comic book story line, might be just what the franchise needs. Its the tired and formulaic origin stories of Iron Man, Doc Strange, and most likely Thor, that have sapped my excitement for theses Marvel movies. The movies seem more like long pilot episodes of nonexistent series than stand alone features., and just when things get going, the credits roll. Who knows, Planet Hulk may be good, but I can say I am anticipating Green Lantern and Superman Batman: Public Enemies both about 100 times more. I think I can wait until its in the $4.99 bargain bin (a month or two after release) before picking up Planet Hulk.

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