31 July 2009

Push (2009) - Film Capsule

Heroes: A bunch of ordinary people with extraordinary abilities.

Villains: Agents of "The Division"

Diabolical Scheme: The Division wants to enhance the abilities of the gifted to make super soldiers.

Coolest Moment(s): When the screaming "bleeders" made swimming fish explode in their tanks within a Hong Kong market.

Worst Moment: The parts I didn't understand. There were lots of them. And the part with the drunk kid.

Comic Book Logic: How come keeping plans hidden within envelopes keeps watchers from seeing the future.

Opening Weekend: $10,079,109

Total Domestic Box Office: $31,811,527

Review in 50 Words or Less: The look of the film and named types of psychics (i.e. pushers, watchers, sniffs, bleeders) establish a fresh take on a stale X-Men / Heroes premise of real-world superheroes. But although the film looked good, I (no one's dummy) had an awfully hard time following the story or lack thereof.

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