12 August 2009

Lantern Brings in Some Green

The first week sales numbers are in for the Green Lantern: First Flight DVD movie. The movie sold 158,238 units for a total of $2,587,191. Keep in mind, Blu-Ray sales, an increasing portion of the home media market, are not represented by this number. Having said that, of the 5 DC comics releases, GL came in 4th about 50% more units (30% more "green") than Wonder Woman, but nearly even with Justice League: The New Frontier. Compare the rest of the first week sales for DC and Marvel in the first graph.

The second graph compares overall DC to Marvel sales. Keep in mind again that Marvel sales began earlier than DC back when Blu-Ray was a smaller player in the market. When viewed with the Marvel sales figures, it looks like DC may have the edge (GL will likely end up between Wonder Woman and New Frontier). The upcoming Superman Batman: Public Enemies may solidify this position, especially if it overtakes the popular Hulk VS. Anyhow, good for GL. Hopefully the sales will warrant the "green"lighting of a sequel.

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