11 August 2009

There's a Crisis Coming

By now we all know that Superman / Batman - Public Enemies will be the next animated movie from DC comics (arriving Sept 29th). But what comes next? The answer: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths - likely arriving in Spring 2010.

Now I am not really sure what this means exactly, but there are some good clues in the title. In DC comics, a "crisis" usually refers to a crossover between parallel universes, often times involving the Golden Age Justice Society (of Earth 2) and the then "Modern Age" Justice League of Earth 1). Of course, the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline of the 80's did away with parallel worlds in DC, only to be undone in a more recent (Infinite) Crisis.

On story, "Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two!" involved the The JLA and JSA teaming up to fight the Anti-Matter Man who warped reality shifting people between worlds. In "Crisis Between Two Earths," the JLA and JSA went to New Genesis to fight Darkseid alongside the New Gods.

Whether the movie will adapt one of these stories, another crisis story, or create an all new crisis event remains to be seen. Another possibility is that this movie will deliver a variation of the long rumored Justice League: World's Collide movie - a never to materialize movie set between the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series involving the Crime Syndicate of America and explaining things like where Wonder Woman acquired her invisible jet.

I have to say, I have been quite happy with the DC animated releases. As you can expect, they have been Superman and Batman heavy, but movies like Justice League: New Frontier and potentially Crisis on Two Earths allow other heroes to shine while allowing Batman and Superman's inclusion to sell to the masses. Hopefully next year will also provide a Flash solo film and maybe even a follow-up to Green Lantern: First Flight. Needless to say, when more news is available it shall be found here.

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