26 August 2009

Who Will Be Passing Through Smallville

After 8 seasons, Smallville has served more as a hub of super-tourist activity than a rural getaway. During the first 8 season, 14 superheroes, 20 supervillains, and 17 other supporting characters from the DC universe have sauntered through Smallville or neighboring Metropolis. Highlights include Lex Luthor and Superman (of course), Brainiac, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Doomsday (Most of whom have dated Lois Lane, have spent the night in the local coffee shop's upstairs apartment, or both). The graph lists the number of visits by heroes, villains, and supporting DC characters by season. Only the initial visit is counted, recurring visits are not tracked.

Many more have their travel plans in order to stop by for season 9 (Major Zod - an alternate time line younger version of General Zod, Metallo, Roulette, The Wonder Twins - no word yet on Gleek, The Justice Society, and Speedy are all booked for the first half of the season), making it a contender for the busiest season to date. We will save a discussion of Smallville stunt casting (Wonder Women, Supermen, etc) for another day. For more detailed information about who has come and gone, see the table below.

1 Superman Pilot Superhero
1 Lex Luthor Pilot Supervillain
1 Jonathan Kent Pilot Supporting Character
1 Lana Lang Pilot Supporting Character
1 Martha Kent Pilot Supporting Character
1 Pete Ross Pilot Supporting Character
2 Jor-El Calling Supporting Character
2 Maggie Sawyer Insurgence Supporting Character
3 Morgan Edge Exile Supervillain
3 Claire Foster Perry Supporting Character
3 Perry White Perry Supporting Character
4 Impulse Run Superhero
4 Krypto Krypto Superhero
4 Mister Mxyzptlk Jinx Supervillain
4 Bridgette Crosby Crusade Supporting Character
4 Lois Lane Crusade Supporting Character
4 Lucy Lane Lucy Supporting Character
4 Sam Lane Gone Supporting Character
5 Acrata AKA Andrea Rojas Vengeance Superhero
5 Aquaman Aqua Superhero
5 Cyborg Cyborg Superhero
5 Aethyr Arrival Supervillain
5 Milton Fine / Brainiac Arrival Supervillain
5 General Zod Vessel Supervillain
5 Nam-Ek Arrival Supervillain
6 Martian Manhunter Labyrinth Superhero
6 Green Arrow Sneeze Superhero
6 Bizarro Phantom Supervillain
6 Jimmy Olsen Zod Supporting Character
7 Black Canary Siren Superhero
7 Supergirl Bizarro Superhero
7 Vandal Savage Cure Supervillain
7 Zorl-El Lara Supervillain
7 Lara-El Lara Supporting Character
8 Lightning Lad Legion Superhero
8 Saturn Girl Legion Superhero
8 Cosmic Boy Legion Superhero
8 Zatanna Hex Superhero
8 Plastique Plastique Supervillain
8 Bruno Mannheim Stilletto Supervillain
8 Doomsday Plastique Supervillain
8 Faora Bloodline Supervillain
8 Livewire Injustice Supervillain
8 Maxima Instinct Supervillain
8 Neutron Injustice Supervillain
8 Parasite Injustice Supervillain
8 Persuader Legion Supervillain
8 Toyman Requiem Supervillain
8 Dan Turpin Bulletproof Supporting Character
8 Emil Hamilton Bulletproof Supporting Character
8 Mercy Graves / Tessmacher Odyssey Supporting Character
9 Zan Idol Superhero
9 Jayna Idol Superhero
9 Speedy Crossfire Superhero
Society Superhero
9 Major Zod Savior Supervillain
9 Metallo Metallo Supervillain
9 Roulette Roulette Supervillain


  1. Wow, many thanks for this! All other article "DC characters in Smallville" on other sites are awfull and very weak. This one is realy great, all from 1 to 9 season! (But wasn't it a 2 more evil characters in Injustice? You called 3, but there were 5 people in the team).

    Could you add all from last 10th season, please? Make this article/table realy full! Thank you!

  2. And do you want to make another one about "Arrow"? It will be interesting too!