14 October 2009

DC DVDs Sales Go Up, Up, and Away

Just like Marvel's 6th Direct to Video animated feature, the throwdown heavy Superman Batman Public Enemies release saw an increase in sales over previous DC movies as shown in the first week sales numbers chart below (click to enlarge).

The first week sales of the Worlds Finest team-up mustered 194,593 units amounting to $3,222,460. This figure was nearly 90% more copies than the Wonder Woman feature, and over 20% more than Green Lantern. Ironically, the only DC movies to have sold better have been the Superman and Batman solo features. In any case, it seems likes these figures can only be viewed positively as the line of films remains viable. Next up is the Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, but I am betting that either Batman or Superman will be getting another feature or team up again soon.

*Just for a bit of objectivity, Barbie and the Three Musketeers sold over $5.6 million worth of DVDs in its first week a couple weeks earlier. And other Barbie entries have sold nearly $30 million worth of DVDs total. Disney's Tinker Bell DVD made $52 million. Yikes.

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