21 October 2009

The Phantom (1996) - Film Capsule

Heroes: The Phantom

Villains: Xander Drax

Diabolical Scheme: To reunite three skulls to create an awesome weapon of destruction and to dominate the world.

Coolest Moment(s): Death by microscope.

Worst Moment: I don't care how true to the comics it is, a purple leotard is a lame costume.

Opening Weekend: $5,072,346

Total Domestic Box Office: $17,323,326

Review in 50 Words or Less: Like the Rocketeer or the Shadow, this isn't near as bad as you expect, in fact, its somewhat OK, somewhat. While not completely cheese free, the period setting makes some campiness seem more nostalgic than lame. Its worth checking out if you have already seen all the “real” superhero movies.

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