19 October 2009

Superman and Batman 2 Return

On the heels of good sales by the Superman Batman: Public Enemies movie, the word on the street is that a sequel project is in the works. Since Public Enemies was the first story in the Superman Batman title's run, its seems logical the next film could focus on story arc #2 which reintroduced Supergirl and happened to be one of the series best received tales to date. The story also involved eveyone's favorite despot Darkseid. I wouldn't mind a series of Batman Superman movies, though if sequels are going to start appearing, I am still holding out for another Green Lantern movie.

Here is how the comic book story is described. Beware of SPOILERS:

In "The Supergirl From Krypton" (issues #8-13, illustrated by Michael Turner), the Kryptonite asteroid is revealed to hold a pod that contains Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El. Batman says her arrival is too coincidental. Wonder Woman abducts Kara to Themyscira to train her for combat. Darkseid kidnaps Kara, intending her to be the new leader of the Female Furies. She is rescued from Darkseid and taken back to Earth. The villain follows; seemingly killing Kara at the home of Jonathan and Martha Kent. An enraged Superman throws Darkseid into the reality-spanning Source Wall, entrapping him. However, Kara is back in Themyscira and is introduced to the world as Supergirl.

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