20 November 2009

Enter Sandman, Green Lantern, and Dr. Fate

Here it is, the preview for the Justice Society on Smallville:

Not only did this little bitty show us our first glimpse of Dr. Fate, but it looks like DC's Sandman is going to be a part of the team as is possibly Alan Scott- the JSA's own Green Lantern. This looks to be a huge event in the making. Absolute Justice airs on February 5th. In the mean time, enjoy some screen grabs below.

The Hand of Fate


The Ring of Green

Hawkman as previously revealed.

One more for good measure- The Society
(Speculative identies from left to right- Star Spangled Kid, Wildcat, Atom Smasher, Sandman, The Spectre, Flash (Jay Garrick), Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), Hourman, Dr. Midnite, Liberty Belle, Mr. Terrific)