17 November 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) - Film Capsule

: Sam Witwicky and his merry troop of Autobots.

Villains: The Fallen, Megatron, and more.

Diabolical Schemes: The Fallen revived Megatron to destroy Optimus Prime (because as we all know only a Prime can kill The Fallen) then they were going to use the Matrix of Leadership to start-up a Sun devouring machine to make more energon.

Coolest Moment(s): The Decepticon jaguar Ravage was pretty cool. There was a nice forest fight between Prime and some baddies, and Prime merging with Jetfire was made me want to buy the toy. Pretty much, Prime is the best part of this movie.

Worst Moment(s): Oh so many. Wrecking "balls," thong shot, racist Mudflap and Skids, nonsensical plot (even compared to the first movie), stoned mom, the revival of dead Sam... Also, there are far too many questionable happenings for a movie clearly marketed toward my 2 year old son.

Comic Book Logic: If there were a robot heaven why would Sam go there? and how going there revitalize Sam magic Pixie dust? Also, if Decepticons can look like people, why dont they just go under cover? Why would Makaela ever like Sam? If Transformers can warp across the planet, why don't they do that more often? And why can't they fix Bumblebee's voice?

Review in 50 Words or Less: There are plenty of "splosions" but if you even attempt to understand the plot you will get very angry very fast. This movie also gives new and lame Transformers screen time in favor of the ones I actually liked in the last movie. Even Megatron is demoted to wuss.

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  1. I was horribly bored one night with my girlfriend out of town, my friends all at work, and nothing else to do but sit around my apartment and drink, so I decided I'd instead go see a movie, but the only one I was even remotely interested in seeing, tragically, was Transformers 2.