29 January 2010

Retrospective 1985

1985 was not much of a year to write home about for fans of Superhero shows. There was a bad movie and a single animated series. Thats it.

The Toxic Avenger

Although technically released in 1984, The Toxic Avenger wasn't really received by mainstream audiences until 1985. Believe it or not, this film launched 3 going on 4 sequels featuring Toxie as well as an animated spin-off. Sadly, this mop wielding nerd was one of the year's only active superheroes. And a word of warning, even the trailer has some questionable content.

The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians

The year also served up the final helping of Super Friends, now dubbed the leass friendly. "Galactic Guardians." The team consisted of Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, one time Flash and El Dorado cameos, the return of teen Firestorm, and the debut of new teen sensation, and focal character Cyborg.

Also notable in the season were the first and only appearances by The Joker and The Penguin as well as the first ever onscreen depiction of Batman's origin. The season consisted of eight 30-minute episodes (2 of which contained 2 short episodes).

All I can say is, what a year. [/sarcasm]

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