01 February 2010

In Brightest Day, More Green Lantern Concepts Hit the Web

Along the same lines as last weeks leaked concept art featuring a few of the Green Lantern Corps, here are a couple more images. The first features the Guardians of Oa, the beings who formed the Green Lanterns Corps.

The second features Sinestro, the greatest of the Lantern, and Hal Jordan's mentor. I like that he doesn't have a gigantic head like he did in his Super Friends appearances. The big head may be true to the comics, but it is a bit odd looking. Then again, who knows how close to final these images are. The giant head may make a comeback.

So far, I am liking everything I hear about Green Lantern. I really hope it does for the Emerald Crusader what Iron Man did for the Tin Can Man.

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