12 January 2010

Spider-M4n is Dead, Thor to the Rescue

Looks like Sony took my advice. If they weren't going to let Raimi make the Spider-Man movie he wanted (including the Vulture as the main villain) they should fire him. They did. Spider-Man 4 is no more. I guess if Sony is going to spend $300 million on a movie they should be happy about the villain, and to me the Vulture is pretty much as lame as the Penguin. Bird themed villains are just kooky. I wonder who Sony was pushing for?

So, it looks like Thor made the right call in swooping in (ironically like a proverbial vulture) to Spider-Man 4's release date, cuz Spidey is dead. Instead we are looking at a Spider-Man reboot in 2012. I just hope they give us something different this time around. Seriously, the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series is a good model, at least as far as the holding off on MJ goes. I really doubt anyone wants to see the whole Spidey loves MJ arc again. But I wouldn't mind seeing the Goblin kill someone.

Anyways, these reboots are getting out of control. I guess its sort of the James Bond model where no one points out the continuity problems and just rolls with it. But to reboot a franchise after 4 or 5 years seems a tad quick. At least we got 2 1/2 good Spider-Mans. And now we can all look hope that Venom will show up again and not suck and that some of Spider-Man's enemies aren't also his mentors. Also, we can forget that it was really Sandman that did in Uncle Ben.


  1. The only reason I can think of to reboot the Spidey franchise this soon would be making Spimer-Man an Avenger in the Avengers movie (he`s amember of the New Avengers). Maybe this time they`ll do Hobgoblin before Green Goblin, and Gwen before MJ.

  2. A new Avenger's movie would be great too bad they will never get the rights issues worked out. As for villains, I am pretty goblined out. Maybe they will do Electro, Kraven, or the Lizard. I am not opposed to the Green Goblin again, but they would need to make it different enought o be worth while. Ultimately, a Sinister Six would be awesome if they could somehoe coordinate that.