13 January 2010

What to Expect in 2010 - Part 2

Part 1 covered upcoming shows through June. In part 2, we will finish off 2010.

02 Jul 2010 - The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an amazing TV series. I do not expect The Last Airbender movie (having dropped the Avatar to avoid confusion with the current phenomenon) to be as good, but hopefully M. Night Shyamalamading-dong can do the series some justice. If not, at least we will always have the animated version. Either way, landing the 4th of July weekend was a big win for this movie and may allow it to follow in the footsteps of last years Ice Age 3 (released during the same weekend made $884 million worldwide) on its way to global domination.

Summer 2010 - Batman Under the Red Hood

Though no details have been released, the title for DC's summer DtV movie Batman: Under the Red Hood has been announced. Believe it or not, this is only Batman's second solo feature in the line and the first, Gotham Knight, was more of a gimmick that a movie with a story. So, I am looking forward to this one even though it seems like focusing on an obscure villain is an interesting choice. Who knows, its possible Red Hood is the Joker. That makes more sense.

Augustish 2010 - Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I don't know much about Scott Pilgrim other than that he is a comic book character that must defeat 7 ex boyfriends to win a date with a bonnie lass. Does that make him a superhero? I guess that depends on whether or not he wins.

05 Nov 2010 - Megamind

Originally Master Mind then Oobermind, its now Megamind. Dreamworks is no Pixar but its also no Fox animation studios, so maybe this will be an interesting "fractured fairy tale" like take on the Superhero genre.

17 Dec 2010 - The Green Hornet

Will The Green Hornet be this years surprise hit as was Sherlock Holmes? Maybe. If it is a big hit, I will be surprised. Will it be this generations lackluster Dick Tracy. Also fairly likely. Then again this picture is all we have to go on thus far.

Sometime in 2010, Maybe

A couple of other projects are in the works with release dates that are still up in the air.

The Black Panther will be the star of an animated mini-series on BET. The motion comic style episodes may air elsewhere as soon as February, but in these United States we still don't know when they will arrive.

The Canadian made Woody Harrelson film Defendor debuted in 2009 at the Toronto film festival and will probably be seen in broader release at some point. Does this description excite you? "Arthur Poppington is a regular but delusional man who believes that he is a superhero named Defendor. He combs the city streets at night in search of his arch enemy, Captain Industry, befriending a young prostitute in his quest."

Lastly, the Phantom having already aired in Canada is set to debut as a mini-series on SyFy. Hardly anyone seems to have watched it when it was on, but those that did don't have much favorable to say. So, don't go signing up for cable to watch this one.

With so many projects forthcoming, surely some of them have to be good. Right? If not, fear not. In part 3 we will look at all those other sci-fi and fantasy movies that will be vying for your hard earned cash.

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