26 February 2010

Will Superman Red Son Rise on DVD

In a story about rumored happenings on the upcoming Man of Steel movie, a re-reboot of the Superman movie franchise, BleedingCool.com had this to say about Mark Millar, who at one point was pitching his own story for a Superman live-action film:

Mark Millar likes Superman. I think we all know that. He grew up thinking Superman was real, but had been killed off. He dressed up as Superman repeatedly as a small child – and now owns the Superman cape from the movies. He grew up to write a number of Superman comics, included his acclaimed run on Superman Adventures and the soon-to-be-animated Superman: Red Son. But for a while it’s been clear. he wanted to write a Superman movie.

Wait! Whats that you say? soon to be animated Red Son? Don't know how reliable this is, but I have heard there is a Superman animated film in the pipe and this elseworlds tale of a Superman who landed in Communist Russia instead of Kansas would be an excellent choice.


  1. If this turns out to be true, then I can't wait. Loved the comic & I'm sure it would be just as ace on DVD.

  2. I`m guessing he meant a motion comic. I dunno, if it is a movie, it sounds pretty good.