12 March 2010

Spotlight on Red Skull

Since his first appearance in Captain America Comics #1, Red Skull has been one of the super soldiers greatest adversaries. Red Skull is now set to appear in Captain America: The First Avenger, played by the menacing Mr. Smith / Megatron AKA Hugo Weaving. Despite Cap's limited exposure over the years, Skull-head has managed to weasel his way into a number of shows as a guest villain. Lets take a look at the dude's appearances thus far.

The Nazi loving Red Skull first appeared in 1966's Marvel Super Heroes during the Captain America segments. This version was pretty much right out of the original comic book stories.

It would be awhile before Red Skulls next appearance as a guest villain opposite Captain America in the 1981 Spider-Man series episode "The Capture of Captain America."

The war mongering Skull next appeared in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episdoe "Quest of the Red Skull." By now you may be sensing that there wasn't much variety in his appearance. He was always basically a dude with an actual red skeleton head.

In 1990, Red Skull appeared, or rather didn't appear, in the Captain America live action film that never really saw the light of day. Hopefully this performance is not the model for the upcoming movie.

Next the red one appeared in the 90's X-Men series episode "Old Soldiers" featuring the team-up of Wolverine and Cap.

He was next spotted on yet another Spider-Man series antagonizing Spidey (maybe he just liked Spider-Man's red mask), this time in the 1990's Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Most recently, Red Skull joined the ever growing cast of the The Super Hero Squad Show.

When pictures of Hugo Weaving as Red Skull emerge, be assured they will be posted right here.


And here he is from Captain America: The First Avenger.

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