08 March 2010

Onscreen History of Silver Banshee

Um yeah, thats one ugly mug. I hope this plays out better than it looks. She will be appearing in a few weeks on the Smallville episode Escape.

Silver Banshee originally appeared in 1987 in Action Comics #595.

Almost 30 years later, Silver Banshee would finally grace TV screen on Chaos at Earth's Core an episode of Justice League Unlimited.

Inspire by Banshee, a character named Scream Queen appeared by the side of the Scarecrow in the teaser opening of Batman: The Brave and the Bold's Trials of the Demon!

Silver Banshee also appeared as one of the many hopefuls to bag and tag Superman for a billion dollar bounty in Superman Batman: Public Enemies. She failed. In fact, up until now, Silver Banshee's appearances have been pretty lackluster. It seems doubtful Smallville will change that trend.


  1. I like it. Her costume and makeup look 100% faithful to the comics! May not be pretty, but I don't think she is supposed to be.