14 June 2010

Is the Blue Beetle DC's Next Big Thing?

Geoff Johns, DC Entertainments Chief Creative Officer recently tweeted that a live-action Blue Beetle project is in the works. The poor guy (Blue Beetle) has been around since 1939 and it looks like he might finally get his big break.

The original Blue Beetle, Dan Garret first appeared in Mystery Men comics #1. He fought crime with the aid of pills from the neighborhood pharmacist. Garret would be succeed by Ted Kord in the 60's as the Beetle who would in turn be succeeded by the modern incarnation's Jaime Reyes who debuted in 2006.

There was a bumbling Blue Beetle that appeared on The Electric Company in the 70's but I am honestly not really sure if this was just a case of copyright infringement that no cared about or if this was THE Blue Beetle. Needless to say, that depiction was not very true to the character.

The first honest to goodness appearance of the Blue Beetle occurred on the team-up series Batman: The Brave and the Bold in 2008. BB has been one of the shows primary showcased heroes (aside from Batman of course) even appearing in the series pilot, The Rise of the Blue Beetle!

Not only did Brave and the Bold present the Jaime Reyes character, but in the episode Fall of the Blue Beetle! the legacy of Blue Beetle Ted Kord was honored via flashbacks.

Later in the series, when Batman went to a parallel Earth, he encountered the Scarlet Scarab, an evil version of the Beetle.

Another evil version of the Blue Beetle was hinted at in a quick screen of Crime Syndicate members in the 2010 Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

With his limited mainstream exposure, Blue Beetle may not be that well known to general audiences, but if given his own series or movie, things will finally be looking up for BB.

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