02 June 2010

Marvels Unvielests the Thor Logo

Thor is a critical moment for the Marvel movie experiment. Was Iron Man the exception, or is there pent up demand for each and every one of the Avengers to headline a film (ignoring the two disappointing performances by Hulk movies). If Thor is a bust, what next. But if its a hit, cha-ching the gravy train will keep on rollin.


  1. If Thor bombs, or is something along the lines of Fantastic 4 (and if the acting isn't great I can totally see that happening) I think that could really put the brakes on the whole Avengers franchise.

  2. I hope to be wrong, but I just can't imagine that many people getting amped up for Thor, or Ant-Man, or pretty much any of the B-listers. Then again, I never expected iron Man to be nearly as big as it was until I saw the trailer. Lets hope Thor has an amazing trailer.