01 June 2010

Retrospective 1988

Superboy AKA The Adventures of Superboy

After the Superman movie franchise had been driven into the ground as had spin-off Supergirl, it was time to "camp up" Superboy. The series lasted 100 episodes over 4 seasons (with two actors playing the titular boy).

The Incredible Hulk Returns

Six years after the cancellation of The Incredible Hulk series, the Green Goliath returned in the form of a TV special alongside Thor.

This movie set the stage for additional Hulk specials over the next couple of years.


During the hiatus between Superfriends and Batman: The Animated Series, there was a little Superman series that got just 13 episodes. The animation was decent, and the series made good use of the iconic Superman movie score, but the plots for the most part were pretty forgettable.

My Secret Identity

1988 also gave us a Canadian syndicated series which lasted 72 episodes featuring little Jerry O'Connell. The series may be best remembered as featuring a young boy that could fly with the aid of aerosol cans.

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures

While it should have been listed in the previous edition, Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse debuted in 1987 but its 19 episodes aired throughout 1988.

Shows in 1988 seemed to suffer from wither low production values or very short lifespans. It was the last year before 1989, one of the monumental years in superhero history...

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