20 January 2011

X-Men Damage Control = More Pics

Apparently the director of X-Men: First Class was as horrified as anyone by the release of that horrendous photoshopped cast photo two days ago. The good news is, team Fox has gone into damage control releasing a ton of movie still yesterday and today to try to prove the movie is not a steaming pile. Among the highlights are Mags in helmet, Emma Frost with a side of Bacon, and a teaser poster for the movie. There is definitely a retro tone going on here like a good old 1960's Bond film. Obviously these outfits are a bit out there, but at least they look more movie world reasonable. I will have to wait to see how it translates to the screen, but these pics do give be back a slight glimmer of hope that the first photo nearly stomped out. Now where is the trailer?

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