29 April 2011

Brave and the Bold Gives Us an Army of Batmen

Tonight's Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode, Night of the Batmen started off with Plastic Man, Captain Marvel, Green Arrow, and Aquaman filling in for an injured Batman. By episodes end, Batmen from universes far and wide arrived to help clean up Gotham City. Some of these dudes appeared previously in Season 1's Game Over for Owlman, but this time Batmen from previous shows came along for the ride. This picture captured the awesome.

Starting in the top left and going round clockwise (and with a little help from the interweb and some guesswork) we have:

Solar Batman

Batman of 800,000 AD
Batman from Batman Beyond
Batman of Zur-En-Arrh
Captain Marvel as Batman
Batman from The New Batman Adventures
Bat-Manga Batman
Nighthawk of the Justice Riders
Super Friends Batman
Plastic Man as Batman
Scooby Doo Batman
Green Arrow as Batman
Captain Leatherwing
The Dark Knight Returns Batman
Batman and Robin ("nipple") Batman
1960's Adam West Batman
Batman from The Batman
Aquaman as Batman
and Brave and the Bold Batman in the center.

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