27 April 2011

Will The X-Men Fool Me Thrice?

The new X-Men: First Class trailer looks awesome... But so did the trailers for X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Then again, I give those movies more credit than most, so I am pretty sure this will be a enjoyable move. It also has some real potential to rejuvenate the X-Men franchise, its just too bad it is coming out in a superhero saturated Summer. Will it stand out enough amid Thor, Captain America, and Green Lantern to overcome the negative buzz of the last two X-Films?

The other question I have is this, if X-Men First Class is a success, what then? The direction of the franchise has been so confusing. There are still rumors of X4 and X5 in the works along with Deadpool and a Wolverine sequel. Are all those films really going to get made. There have also been rumors that there could be sequels to First Class set between this movie and the original trilogy. I don't know if that is a good idea. I mean, if First Class is good, why pigeonhole the sequels into trying to fit into the same continuity which is already unraveling? And after burning through so many characters already in X3 and Wolverine, they are limited in who could logically be included in sequel prequels. I really think if there is an X-Men First Class 2 (terrible title by the way, but what would you call it?) that even though it would be totally ripping off Star Trek, they should do some sort of time alteration to free themselves up. Time travel is a part of X-Men lore, why not use it to start a new, more consistent with current comics, branch of stories for the movies?

Anyways /end rant. This looks good.

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