31 May 2011

Animated Thor Sales Tell a Sad Tale

First week sales for Thor: Tales of Asgard are in and according to The-Numbers.Com which estimates DVD sales, the news is not great. Granted, Blu-Ray sales, which are an increasing piece of the pie, are not taken into account. Nevertheless, in the Marvel line of films sales for Thor only surpassed those of the disappointing Next Avengers movie mustering just $951 thousand bones. The estimate was less than half of those for first week sales of February's All Star Superman DVD from the DC line.

Its been sad to watch as DVD sales in general have dwindled, but in particular watching the reduction in the profitability of the Direct to Video superhero sales has me a tad fearful even for the future of the DC line. Having said that, this Thor movie seemed an odd choice and tough sell and it ended up performing about the same as the previous chance Marvel took on teen superheroes. In any case, if Marvel DtV's rise like the phoenix from its ashes hopefully these figures will encourage more Hulk Vs type stories and less super kids.

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