01 June 2011

DC Reboot to Pave the Way for Cinematic Multiverse?

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Justice League. Sometimes news is so big that even though it may not at first seem to have much to do with superhero shows, it most certainly does. Yesterday, it was revealed that come September, following the events of the time altering Flashpoint event, every book in DC comics line up will be renumbered starting at number 1. This is being done to provide a new entry point for current non-readers and a excellent opportunity (HERE IT IS) for harmonization with DC's upcoming superhero movies. One of the highest profile properties to get the makeover will be the Justice League. The most notably revised and newly movie adaptable team members are Wonder Woman, rockin' pants, and Superman who has finally lost the red skivvies. Is this a glimpse at what DC has in store for a rumored Justice League movie or even The Man of Steel which are currently in development?

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