30 June 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Magnetic Telescope

Original Airdate: April 24, 1942

More science gone awry. This time a scientist used a giant magnet to pull a comet toward the Earth. Sure he didn’t intend for it to crash into the planet, but what was his goal? Just to sneak a closer peak? Fortunately, Superman was on the job.

Best Part: Although I would never wish permanent harm on my favorite Kryptonian, I did enjoy watching him get pummeled in this episode. Its interesting seeing Superman with limited powers. Since he couldn't fly he unsuccessful jumped at the comet and got hammered. Eventually he opted to electrocute himself in order to complete a circuit to a repeller beam.

Worst Part: Superman saved the day and the lights went out. Lois gave him a kiss in the dark. Lights on, oops it was Clark. Way to almost blow your cover dude. You still would have gotten the kiss in the Superman suit.

Episode Count: 0006
Series Count: (6 of 17)

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  1. In my opinion "Worst Part" is best part. C'mon, Clark Kent is only Superman wearing glasses, in this part they showed this fact.