01 July 2011

Spotlight on the Enchantress

Rumors are a swirling that Thor may face off against the Enchantress (and her sidekick the Executioner) in 2013's Thor 2. Its time for a refresher on the sorceress, Lady Amora. The Enchantress AKA Amora first appeared in Marvel's Journey Into Mystery #103 in 1964 along with axe wielding hench-goon The Executioner also known as Skurge. Basically, Amora loves Thor who loves Jane Foster (and later Sif), but Skurge and loves Amora forming a complicated love polygon.

The Enchantress first appeared onscreen in the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes cartoon in which she made her first attempt at seducing the Thunder God in his Donald Blake persona.

It would not be until 2009 that the Enchantress would return to screen in Hulk Vs. (Thor). In the movie, the Enchantress whose love was spurned by Thor, aided Loki in his scheme to topple Asgard.

Later in 2009 Amora was seen in The Super Hero Squad Show.

The Enchantress and Executioner returned in 2010 to torment Thor and the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes on The Avengers animated series. During the shows first season, Amora, working in cahoots with Loki, joined Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil.

In a bit of fan service, Amora was given a brief scene teaching Loki how to manipulate water during the opening of the 2011 animated DtV Thor: Tales of Asgard. Seeing as how the Enchantress has been featured so frequently in recent years after a long time out of the spotlight, it just may be time for the emerald sorceress to take center stage as Thor's adversary in the upcoming live action sequel. We shall see.

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