12 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Teen Titans

Here come the TEEN TITANS, a quartet of towering talent - KID FLASH whose speed defies the eye to follow, WONDER GIRL swift and powerful super lass, SPEEDY whose fantastic arrows perform awesome feats, AQUALAD bold and daring marine marvel. Fabulous foursome for right against might, the TEEN TITANS.

Since the heroes got to team up, why not the sidekicks. Joining Aqualad and Kid Flash for the batch of episodes were Speedy, Green Arrows sidekick, and Wonder Girl. The interesting thing about Wonder Girl is that when she was created, she was just a young Wonder Woman, similar to the idea behind the original Superboy. So, it didn't really make sense to have her on the team, at least no more sense than it would have made to include Superboy, but oh well. The show writers didn't know better and this was history in the making spawning a whole new DC character, and a "sidekick" for Wonder Woman.

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