24 August 2011

No Underwear for Superman in Man of Steel

A couple set photos have leaked from the Man of Steel set revealing Superman in full costume. And guess what, dude's got no underwear- at least not on the outside.

Consistent with the relaunch of Superman in DC comics, the costume has done away with Superman's red briefs, although it looks like he has also opted out of the red belt which the comic book version currently rocks. Call me crazy, but I am happy to see the man panties go. I think I am so used to seeing them, that it looks a little odd for them to be gone, but this change is a good way to update the costume while keeping it somewhat traditional.

Also making her first reveal to the world thansk to Superhero Hype is super powered villainess Faora (also opting out of external underwear). Once again, from what I can see this is a good update from Ursa's exotic Phantom Zone look in Superman II.

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