23 August 2011

Onscreen History of Big Barda

Big Barda first appeared in 1971's Mister Miracle #4. As former Captain of the Female Furies, Big Barda ultimately fell in love with Scott Free AKA Mister Miracle later fleeing Darkseid and Granny Goodness' employ.

Big Barda made her first tiny appearance in the second part of the 1998 Superman animated series episode Apokolips...Now! along with other New Gods. Even though she was tiny, you could clearly see Barda in her trademark blue and gold armor.

Barda's first substantial onscreen appearance was made in 2000's The Call, the Batman Beyond that served as a trial run at a Justice League series. Big Barda was depicted as a member of the future Justice League serving as the future League's Wonder Woman type character along with Warhawk, Aquagirl, a Green Lantern, the miniaturizing Micron, and Superman.

Barda next appeared in the Justice League Unlimited episode The Ties That Bind in 2005. After sneaking in and out of an Apokolips prison, Barda delivered a blow to the face of her old friend Granny Goodness for old time's sake.

Barda appeared in the teaser segment of a 2009 episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold in 2009 along with hubby Mister Miracle.

In 2010's Superman Batman Apocalypse, the Worlds Finest along with Wonder Woman showed up unexpectedly at Big Barda's suburban home to enlist her help in the rescue of Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El better known as Supergirl. Once on Apocalypse, Barda reunited with her former Furies reminding them why she was the Captain of the team, with Wonder Woman's help of course.

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