18 August 2011

Who's Afraid of Diana Prince? (1967) - Discount Review

Recommended For: Wonder Woman completionists and those with a morbid curiosity.

Heroes: Wonder Woman

Villains: Diana's Mother

Diabolical Scheme: Mom wants Wonder Woman to settle down and get married rather than save the world.

Coolest Moment(s): Um, well, at least she wasn't wearing pants.

Worst Moment: The only thing worse than the first half with mom nagging Wonder Woman to get married before becoming an old maid was the second half with Wonder Woman checking herself out in the mirror - except for the final scene and sound effect as Wonder Woman flew away, which was the absolute worst of all.

Review in 50 Words or Less: More screen test than pilot, this sapped everything good from Wonder Woman turning her into a conceited fool with a mom that was a harpy instead of a queen. No Themyscira, no Amazons, no lasso, no class? No sale. There is nothing redeeming here except that it didn't get made.

Recommended Discount Before Buying: Better than free

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