15 September 2011

Superhero Movie (2008) - Discount Review

Recommended for:  Anyone who loved the original Spider-Man enough to watch it a ridiculous number of times, yet can still laugh at it with a fondness. Oh, and for people who love fart jokes.

Heroes: Dragonfly. Other heroes make brief appearances including Wolverine, Professor X, Storm and several other mutants. Also the Human Torch and Invisible Woman.

Villains: Hourglass

Diabolical Scheme: Obtaining strength by draining the life out of others, Hourglass planned to kill 42,000 people to gain immortality.

Funniest Moment(s): At one point, Dragonfly saves a woman by pushing her out of the way of an oncoming truck... into a wood chipper. Um, I guess it maybe doesn't sound that funny, but I laughed!

Worst Moment: After the first few Stephen Hawking jokes, I thought they had pretty much mined that angle to death, yet they kept on going. 

Total Domestic Box Office: $25,881,068

Review in 50 Words or Less:
This almost beat for beat retelling of Spider-Man admittedly contains some hilarious nuggets. Just be aware, when wading through the sewage of raunch and vulgarity, there may be plenty of other less tasteful floating nuggets that got flushed down the bowl. That said, its better than many recent spoof movies.

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