07 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Capricious Crony

So, after yesterday's episode, I started making excuses in my head for this show. Methought, "Maybe there just wasn't as much Superboy source material to work with as there was with Superman." I did a little research though and learned that Superboy had 20 years of publication under his junior sized belt by the time Adventures of Superboy was made... In fact, he was one DC's first heroes to have his own title. By the mid 1960's in the comics, the Legion of Super-Heroes had been introduced as had Bizarro in the pages of Superboy. Now the New Adventures of Superman wasn't Shakespeare, but at least there was some reference to the comic book villains. Superboy sure could have done a better job incorporating some ideas from the books; I can't believe that Superboy spent 20 years in his comic just rescuing eggs for monsters.

All I have to say about this one is thank goodness Krypto is cute. Thankfully we were spared from another egg outing, but just like in Superboy's Strangest Foe, Superboy and Krypto were stuck babysitting some trouble-making creature kid, this time a little guy from the center of the earth instead of an alien.

Best Part: The little wuss sacrificed his life for Krypto.

Worst Part: He didn't died after all... :(

Episode Count: 0086
Series Count: (09 of 33)

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