11 November 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Jinxed Circus

Strange things were afoot at the ol' traveling circus show when a disgruntled clown / saboteur went postal. There was a runaway train, a collapsing big top, three angry bears gone wild, and a near reenactment of "The Dying Graysons." Thank goodness for Superboy, though in the case of the trapeze, simply practicing over the safety net would have also been a good idea.

Best Part: Gotta love the image of Superboy roughing up a clown.

Worst Part: There was one ridiculous sequence of cuts where the episode cut to Superboy pounding in a tent stake three times in a row. Each stake pound was maybe 2 seconds followed by a cut to the same animation but at a different level of zoom. Maybe it doesn't sound that bad, but trust me it was bad.

Episode Count: 0090
Series Count: (13 of 33)

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