07 February 2012

Better Looks at Spidey's Amazing Lizard Man


The second trailer for July's reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man finally reveals the film's villain, the Lizard. Even though the scaly one is seen but briefly, high definition screen grabs will capture him for the eternities.

Although this beast looks fairly humanoid, other images (like the one of his eye above) hint that its just stage 1 of the Lizard's evolution (or would it be stage 2?) And where is the white lab coat?

Maybe he should be called "The Amphibian." He also seems quite large here.

This hand looks like it belongs to a more lizardy creature than the one revealed so far.


  1. You should do a side by side comparison with the grey Killer Croc from Batman: TAS. Especially that third picture looks very similar.

  2. You are right about the similarities. Here are a couple of possible "inspirations" from the episode Vendetta:

    Croc Grin

    Underwater Skirmish