07 February 2012

The Sun Will Rise on The Wolverine in 2013

Wolverine has joined Superman, Iron Man, and Thor by staking a claim on a 2013 release date, July 26. As the X-Men movie continuity has been spiraling out of control, I really don't know if this will tie in and frankly I hope it doesn't. The idea of The Wolverine as a stand alone in an ambiguous time period is much more appealing  than X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 starring Wolverine, Cable, Bishop, X-23, and Dazzler.


  1. Cable, Bishop, X-23, and Dazzler?

  2. All I am saying is that stuffing in popular characters like Deadpool, Gambit, Cyclops, and Emma Frost into the last movie didn't really help it and I hope they don't try to do the same thing in The Wolverine.