22 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - A Bird Out of Hand

This time it was a reformed Penguin who struck fear in the hearts of criminals as he used his umbrellas for good, protecting citizens from crime including Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. Turns out it was all a ruse. All of the criminals captured by Pengy-Poo had an explosive feather to help coordinate a mass jailbreak. But Batman discovered the plan just in time and ended up capturing the Penguin on a giant flying umbrella with two other dudes in feathered eagle suits.

I get that the eagle guys were henchmen, but why were they wearing those suits? There is something very creepy about the Penguin and his bizarre bird fetish which is one of the many reasons that I think the Penguin is one of the worst Batman villains. I really wish he had never caught on because in a rogues gallery as fine as Batman's he really sticks out like a sore "talon."

Episode Count: 0166
Series Count: (2 of 34)

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