21 March 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - My Crime Is Your Crime

Its finally here, the animated debut of Batman and Robin as well as Joker, Penguin and everyone's favorite cop, Police Commissioner Gordon. This episode was one of the double length ones and I guess with double the screen time its good we got double villains.

Always one step behind, Batman and Robin first busted Penguin after a bunch of umbrella related gags at sporting events. Then they nabbed the Joker after a bad joke in the classified section, but in both cases, the criminals were cleared of the crimes Batman thought they were plotting (though surely they weren't innocent men) and released.

Turns out the villains had been using the whole switcheroo, committing each others crimes. The two ended up getting caught then getting away a few more times, but not before the Dynamic Duo were forced into an explosive batting cage. But they don't call him 'Bat' man for nothing. A couple of well aimed swings freed the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. The whole thing ended hilariously when the squabbling crooks were forced to share a jail cell.

Initial thoughts on this series. It seems to have a fresh tone, separate from the previous Superman and other DC heroes, a bit more jokey. I assume this show took its lead from the live-action TV show, so even though its animated, its still sort of tongue in cheek. Hopefully, the over the top death traps will be a mainstay. I am not won over yet though. There was really no reason for the plot to move so fast just so Joker could escape a couple extra times.

Episode Count: 0165
Series Count: (1 of 34)
First Appearance: Batman
First Appearance: Robin 
First Appearance: Joker
First Appearance: Penguin
First Appearance: Commissioner Gordon

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  1. Visually, a step up from Filmation's other DC cartoons. The animators captured the style of Carmine Infantino's "new look" art pretty well.