23 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Baffles Puzzle

One fun way to pass the time during these episodes is to imagine the writers planning how to pad out 45 minutes of running time. "So, we could uh start with Batman playing a bit of pool, then we could spend the next few minutes talking about photosynthesis. Kids love that. That would segway nicely into a description of each Super Friend's patrol route at the museum. That just leaves us 40 more minutes..." Blah, blah, blah.

Quoth Superman, "You'll be surprised at whose going to be surprised." Nice line. Almost made this episode worth watching all by itself. But then we got a few lectures on chemistry and man's corruption. Maybe Baffles was really Ra's al Ghul in disguise. At least the last third of the episode was a bit of fun, watching each of the Friends having to break out of a customized trap. Too bad the traps were a little on the generic side kinda like every other aspect of this show.

Episode Count: 0203
Series Count: (2 of 16)

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