22 May 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Power Pirate

 This is the way the world ends, to the laughter of superheroes. All I can say is, "Oh my." And always remember to turn off the record player when you leave the room.

For starters, there were so many flaws with basic logic. Marvin had no powers, but he could hover at will. Wonder Woman's "transparent plane" was thought controlled but had a steering column. Aquaman was one of the worlds 4 most powerful heroes. The pirate had neither peg leg nor eye patch. Superman can polish a moon!?

This episode played more like a disaster movie than a modern superhero tale. There was a runaway train, a storm at sea, an out of control crane, a dam burst, and a British Inspector, Sir Cedric unsuspicious Cedric. The episode was one meteor shower short of the end of the Mayan calendar. Aside from all the disasters, the episode still felt like one major stall after another. For example. there was one scene where the Wonder trio followed a suspect for a solid 5 minutes. They tip toed, they looked in lockers, they accidentally got caught in the dark, but after all that time they came up empty... just in time for a lecture on power distribution by Sir Cedric^2.

For the record, Wendy wasn't that bad and Wonderdog was a little weird, but Marvin was brutal. What a buffoon. I can't understand how any girl would want to spend more than 5 minutes with that idiot. Its not like Wendy was a dream girl, but she could maybe pass for a 5 or 6. Marvin would be a 2 tops, and that's assuming he isn't living a secret double life as some sort of pervert, which may be a big assumption. In fact, Wendy would be better off with Wonderdog as a life-mate. I am also not sure Robin could do much better, so I wouldn't be surprised if a little Robin v Marvin rivalry heated up, well that is if this were a more interesting show. As it is, there are still 15 more of these pups and I am thinking I may have finally met my match.

Episode Count: 0202
Series Count: (1 of 16)
First Appearance: Wendy Harris
First Appearance: Marvin White

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